Suggestions, Comments and Complaints

Suggestions and Comments

At Benchill Medical practice we aim to provide a high quality health care service which is delivered in a friendly and efficient manner. Please tell us if you have any constructive comments or suggestions that may help us to improve the way we provide our services.

It is also of great benefit to the morale of our staff to receive compliments and thanks. If you are particularly pleased with a service you have received please let us know.

Contact us with any suggestions or comments


Sometimes you may need to raise a complaint. Please contact our Practice Manager (Melanie Potts) or alternatively our Reception Manager (Christina Bloor). Full details will be taken and a decision made on how best to undertake the investigation.

Your complaint should be acknowledged by the GP practice either verbally or in writing within 3 working days. As part of this acknowledgment, you should be informed about the length of time it will take to investigate your complaint. We aim to reply within 40 working days and up to 60 working days for more complex cases.

During the investigation you should be kept up to date with the progress of your complaint.

Complaint Leaflet

Complaint Form